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Website Performance Optimisation

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Why website performance matters

Did my website load in less than two seconds? Most businesses never ask themselves that question. However, with dominance of Google as a search engine and changes in the consumer behaviour we should take a hard look at that.

How website speed impacts your Google ranking

Google is good at searching, simply because it's obsessed with delivering you a relevant content, and doing it quickly. This is how users get best experience.

The speed of your website is a part of that experience, so it's evaluated by Google on a regular basis.

How slow website frustrates your users

Have you ever found something to buy on a website, but gave up after waiting for it to load? Studies show that low performance can lose you a good 30% of all customers for each additional second it loads. Just think about all that revenue, lost to a competitor.

How Softful plans to increase performance of your website

We have vast experience in performance optimisation and we are happy to share our knowledge and expertise with you.

We will review your website to identify potential bottlenecks, such as slow javascript code, optimised mobile version of the website, inefficient caching policies, synchoronous load of all images.

In our work we utilise all modern frameworks and technologies such as React JS, Node JS, Redis. We will make the website pages static where possible, and will implement cloud caching for optimised delivery.

This is our plan to deliver a positive online experience for your potential customers, and lead to a higher conversion rate.


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